Friday, March 2, 2012

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st. Cally out. Biron in. Scott practicing as a Forward.

Disclaimer: This is NOT Cally's foot.
Please, don't jump to conclusions with Callahan being out day - to - day with a bruised foot.  Bruised feet, or foots as I like to call them, hurt. Sometimes worse than a broken foot.  So, don't flock to the GWB with your bungee cords.  Yet. We all saw how long Woywitka took with his bruised foot.  It can take weeks before some can bear weight on it without pain.  I'd much rather have this happen now, than mid-playoff. Agree?  As long as the Rangers keep going the way they are, I don't have any issues with Callahan resting his foot in the press box.

Biron will be manning the pipes against the 'Canes.  Biron's record against the 'Canes has been good. Really good. He's won 7 in a row against the 'Canes. Plus, the last two games against the 'Canes have been great wins for the Rangers (Nov 11 NYR5-CAR1; Dec 1 NYR5-CAR3).  So again folks, no bridge jumping.

John Scott will be most likely making his debut in Ranger blue as a forward?  Looks like it... based on my twitter feed, he was seen on the ice in a blue forwards' practice jersey. 

Although, nothing is ever certain, especially when it comes to the NYR and Tortorella's ever-present line flopping, it seems Torts finally has a line-up he can be proud of...

It looks like Scott will be joining the NYR as a 4th liner with Rupp and Mitchell in tonights game.  Again, depending on the final lineup. I don't expect Scott to get a load of ice time, but maybe a chance to prove that he fits in the team.  His size and heart will hopefully improve the Rangers' fourth line that much more....

Monday, February 27, 2012

And So The Rangers Trade Deadline Day Ends Not With A Bang...

                                                                  but with a whimper...

I admit, I was one of those Rangers' fans that half-thought Dubinsky was on his way out.  I also half-thought that Nash was on his way to NYC.  I was wrong.

Most every NHL fan stayed glued to the snoozefest of a trade deadline.  There were a few trades here and there in the earlier parts of the afternoon.  Then names like Oduya, Gilroy, Motteau, Pahlsson got thrown around.  Still, no mention of Nash.

I thought the Rangers, or heck ANY team at this point, would pull a big trade in the last few minutes.  As the clock ticked down, there was the shocking trade of Kassian (BUF) to Vancouver for Hodgson (VAN).

"Did someone say cupcake?"
Photo Credit:me
Then the Rangers made their move around 3pm EST.  They obtained John Scott (D-CHI) in exchange for a 5th round draft pick.  Now, I was big on "The Rangers need another defenseman like I need a cupcake..." theory, but you have to admit, it was a smart move.

Scott is, in Bryzgalov's words, humungous big. standing 6'8" 280lbs (although I've seen him listed as 6'7" 270lbs. Either way, he's big).  He brings Boogaard-esque size, heart and grit to the blueline.  It will be interesting to see where he fits in in the grand sceme of the Rangers' defense pairings.

I wouldn't expect big things from Scott as far as goals and assists.  You'll be more inclined to see him with PIMs and such.  He'll bring a physical force to the team and use his size.  Something that Boyle has struggled with, as of lately.

Take a look at some of John Scott's work...

Scott's got wicked arm-span....

It appears, based on the tweets of many a beat writer, that the NYR were in discussion with CBJ, but the deal just wasn't in the stars.

Either way, the deadline has come and gone and the next game is right on the horizon...

The Looming Trade Deadline

I can not tell you how many trade rumours have floated down my Twitter timeline. Some are hilarious, some are ridiculous and some are ridiculously hilarious.  But there is a lot of chatter, on Twitter and on NHLNetwork's TradeCentre.

There is some valid trade speculation out there... and shockingly, the Rangers' are not really the hot topic right now.  The names I've heard thrown around recently are Paul Gaustad (BUF) and Andrei Kostitsyn (MTL). Johnny Oduya (WPG) has also been mentioned a bit.

Apparently, someone made a funny on Wikipedia and already traded Kostitsyn to the Predators:

This appeared at 10:00am EST. So either someone is psychic or had inside knowledge.....

So, as the day moves on, the Canadiens are rumoured to be making big trades.  I'm also waiting not-so-patiently to see what the Rangers will do today...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Avery News Twit-Bombs Lundqvist

Earlier this morning, news broke around the world...  Henrik Lundqvist and his wife are expecting a child in July. Okay, so it's not really breaking news, but fan girls every where ooogled over the perfectness of the soon-to-be Prince(ss) Lundqvist.

But now, as I check my Twitter feed, there is a resurgence of Sean Avery news.  It's rumoured by several beat writers that Avery is speculated to be put on waivers. According to Larry Brooks, Avery would have to be put on waivers Saturday morning.

There's speculation that the Flames are the ones interested in Avery. Not sure what would be headed to NY in that trade, if it were to happen. It should be interesting to see what unfolds as the Monday 3pm deadline quickly approaches.  You can almost guarantee that if Avery is waivered, he is half-way out of the NYR organization, by trade or by claim.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tips To Surviving The NHL Trade Deadline

...because I fear that many fans may stroke out if they continue to overreact to all potential trade rumours.

So sit back with some valerian root and chammomile and chillax with these fine tips:

  • Until the trade is announced by a CREDIBLE source, stop fussing. 
  • Look at the source where the potential trade is coming from. If your mom's best friend's brother-in-law's half-sister knew the manager of a bar where someone thought they overheard someone talking about a team trading one of their best players for the other teams best player and 4 prospects, you may want to think before announcing it on the internets via numerous Twitter RT's and FB status updates.
  • If you see a rumour that gets you all twitterpated with either excitement, nervousness, anger and/or the feeling of impending vomit: sit down, take a deep breath, count to 10 and walk away from the computer. Trust me, it's for the best.

"What?! Columbus wants DiPietro, Parenteau, Tavares AND
Montoya for Nash?! What'chootalkinboutwillis?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love seeing some of the realistic trades pop across my timeline. Heck, I even like watching a lively twit-debate over Nash every once in a blue moon.  But in all honesty, it's not worth it to get all worked up over potential trade rumours from not-so-credible sources.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 Minutes for Improper Mouthguard Use

                                                                                      Get in the penalty box…

"But none of the other guys actually have their
mouthguards in their mouths
-Martin St Louis
Photo Credit
Anyone who has watched and/or played hockey, you know 99.9% of the players have mouthguards. Whether they actually use them properly, is another question.

I’m not sure why, but guys earn extra swoon points when I catch them chewing on their mouthguard.  I often find myself the victim of a blank stare, and possibly some drooling, when they pan the bench during a game and I see a player improperly using this device.  While I understand the boredom one may experience on the bench during shifts and the incessant need to chew on something, what I don’t get is how they do that while skating?  I'd be afraid of losing a chiclet or two.

What I also find intriguing is the logos on the mouth pieces. Especially yellow logos on the front of the mouth guard. Honestly, I do a double take each time I see it thinking the player has ungodly yellow coloured teeth. I, personally, would be all for a blinged out sparkly mouthpiece.

Here are some of the biggest offenders:

John-Michael Liles (or #JML as I like to call him):

Sweet fancy moses... once you get past the blue eyes (I'll give you a moment.....) watching him chomp down on his mouthguard... Need another moment?

Mouthguards need to be in the
mouth to be functional, #JML

Photo Credit

Mark Stuart:

Good gravy, this calls for not one, but TWO photos. Just cause he's that awesome.

Photo Credit

Wearing your mouthguard
properly is so overrated.

Photo Credit
Jeff Woywitka:

Yet another one that beckons multiple photographical proof.  
Bonus Swoon points for the cele
mouthguard chomp.

Photo Credit
Bad Ass
Photo Credit
Another cele mouthguard!
Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Stu Bickel:

Sadly, his antics have only been caught on TV. I have no photographical proof. Well, at least not until I saw this. 
Prepare yourselves. There are not one, but TWO mouthguard infractions here. See if you can find 'em.

Tortorella and Rangers Bench Watch a Distinct Kicking Motion
Bickel AND Woywitka with the infractions. Two minutes boys... Photo Credit

Alex Ovechkin:
Now, I find A-Ovary to be hideous. But give the guy props for playing with his mouthguard not in its proper place. Kinda takes some talent.

Ovechkin Looks Over Girardi
"In former Soviet Russia, we chew on guard of mouth as we stare at Girardi."
Photo Credit: Flickr

Brad Richards:
While he's not big on the chewing, he does sport an UnderArmour mouthguard that has made me take several double takes.  Now, he doesn't really need to draw more attention to his large teeth, so I'm perplexed about why he would choose a mouthguard that does just that.  I couldn't find a photo of his yellow one, which almost gave me a minor bout of cardiac arrest, but I did find this snazzy blue one.

" 'scuse me, Mr Richards? You got somethin' on your teeth..."
Photo Credit

My bad... no sooner did I type that I could not find a photo of said yellow mouthpiece when GoogleImages surprised me with this gem:

Not sure if the scowl is because he played for
Dallas, or if he's trying to scare off a defender
with the glow of his yellow teeth?

Photo Credit

Seriously boys, keep your chiclets safe. Wear your mouthguard properly.
Because, frankly, this is scary....
Photo Credit