Friday, February 10, 2012

It's The End Of The World As We Know It....

...and I feel fine...

Last night, there were 3 things that happened that now have me convinced that the Rapture just may be coming. Let's take a look:

I scored on the power play! Whoooooo!!!!!Photo Credit: BSU
First, and make sure you're sitting down folks, The Rangers scored in the 2nd period.  Not a big deal, right? WRONG. They didn't just score, they scored on the POWER PLAY.  See, aren't you glad you sat down? Twas a sweet tip in from Callahan that made it's way past Matthieu Garon.  It clearly sparked the Rangers' game and gave them a sense of hope. This also started the chain of events that led me to believe that the rapture is, in fact, coming.

"Hey Guys, I just scored my first goal in 368 days... No big deal..."PhotoCredit: NYI
Second was something that has nothing, or very little to do with the Rangers. Yes folks, Scott Gomez scored. On the ice, just in case that needed clarification.  Gomez had gone 368 LONG days without scoring a goal.  Last night in the 3rd period against the Islanders, Gomez lit the lamp against Nabokov. Normally, that's not something so odd or unusual to score against the Islanders, but maybe they felt bad for him and since they were eventually going to lose the game, they took pity on Gomez? Either way, he scored. The Rapture is coming.

When in doubt - hug it out!
Photo Credit: BSU
Then, apparently the #RichardsMunnEffect peters off after a few weeks. Richards broke his silence on the scoreboard netting his long-awaited 17th goal of the season in the OT to win the game. Apparently he got a GPS to find the net after admitting he was a little 'lost' to the media this week.  I hope it's a Garmin, my TomTom isn't very good - always sends me the long route. It was nice to see the whole bench clear to celebrate with him, thankfully, Anisimov left his rifle on the bench. We didn't need a repeat of what happened the last time the Rangers played the Lightning.

So, now grab all your non-perishables and hide in your basement. The Rapture is now headed here... I just hope we get to the playoffs first.

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