Sunday, February 5, 2012

Now Can We Plan The Parade?

As the Super Bowl 46 hoopla draws to a close, another team is now in the spotlight. Again.

The New York Rangers.

Good Gravy... NEVER kiss the trophy. Ever. 
Photo Credit: NJ.Com
Now that the Giants are the proud owners of the Vince Lombardi trophy, it's only natural that NY Rangers fans expect the Rangers to be the next team planning a parade down the streets of Manhattan with the Stanley Cup in tow.

Mere minutes after the Giants were crowned #SB46 champions, fans were already chirping up the NY Rangers players with words of encouragement. I saw tweet after tweet declaring Lundqvist as the still-reigning King of NY, that the NY Rangers must win the Cup, and that it's time for the Rangers to shine, etc. Not to add any additional pressure to the players or anything.  Not that they haven't been playing their hearts out. Not that they're in first place or anything.

This has been a fantastic season for the Rangers. One of their best since their last Cup hoist in 1994. The Rangers have found themselves sitting at the top of the league since December and while there have been some bumps in the road, they've stayed true to their course. Rangers fans should be proud of their team, regardless if they hoist the cup or not.  Rangers fans should be happy regardless of who won the Super Bowl.

So, go to QVC order your NY Giants commemorative Super Bowl 46 gear and wait for the Rangers to win. We can start planning the parade when they make the playoffs.

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